So after 18 months, a whole lot of heartbreak and gallons of shed tears...
We are finally expecting...
I am incubating!! I'm up the duff, preggers, with child..
However you want to put has finally happened, we are really going to have another baby.
But here's the flipside...
I'm so scared..I'm trying to relax and keep calm about it all, but as excited as I am, I am equally nervous and scared.
This baby is so wanted and already so loved that I would truly be devastated *if* and I'm praying it doesnt..if this one ended in a miscarriage...
Everyone keeps telling me to think positive and everything will be fine..well I did that last time as well, and we lost our very wanted very loved baby.
But all that I am...expecting another beautiful babe to add to our family!
I took 3 pregnancy tests and a blood test to confirm it, I was in shock that they were positive!!
Hubby is so excited, everytime he looks at me he smiles or laughs..this past 18 months has been equally as hard for him as it has for me.
So I'm 5 weeks along and counting everyday as a blessing...Just cos I can I'll post a pic of my test! It's not very clear though!
I'm going to try and update this as much as possible, sort of like a pregnancy journal I guess, cos lets face it, I am to damn disorganised to keep it on paper in hopes I can catch up on my scrapbooking!!. I highly doubt it will be on a regular basis though

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