Finally updating!

Well I figured I should come and update since my last post was kind of a downer :(
Things are on the improve...I went and spoke to my Dr and he has put me back on medication which I really didn't want, but now see it really is going to be the best thing for me at this stage. I want to be healthy in mind and body for when this precious one arrives. I'm also talking to him and my gyno and being honest with them about my feelings which has been great.

My baby started school :( She was so excited and I was soooooooo not ready to take this journey with her..Everyone keeps telling me "oh at least you are having another one" yes that may be true but she is my companion. I honestly knew I would miss her but I didn't realise how much. But on the other hand she is so loving school, every morning she bounds out of bed, gets herself dressed and waits for breakfast! She was jumping for joy that she got homework and a reader the other night! She said she is really a big kid now..yes my darlin girl you really are growing up. Right before my eyes. It's been a big week for her, she started school but she also started a new ballet school, now bear in mind my Diva doesn't take to kindly to change so for her to be excited about school, and then come running out of ballet telling me it was the best time ever make me feel so at ease with my decisions and the choices we have made. I guess in the end all you can do as a parent is to make the best decision you think and hope to hell it all doesn't go down the shit shoot in the future!

And my boy has started noticing that woman are very different to men LOL he commented to a family friend who is younger than us that she has boobs, to which she laughed and said why yes I do! then he wolf whistled at a girl on TV!! My god I am so NOT ready for this part..I mean hell he is only 8 for god's sake!!
He has settled back in to school really well, he is such a laid back kid though it would surprise me if he had trouble settling.

I'll leave you with some pics, and I'll be back again soon! LOL


Lis said...

Glad to hear you are doing better hon :)
LOL at Z it just gets funnier from here on in.
M looks so darn cute allgrown up in her uniform.
Miss you *smooch*

*Space Cadet* said...

Oh good! I was really worried about you. You never answered my email. Glad you are doing better. Love you!

*Space Cadet* said...