Coffee, Witching Hour and a whole lotta other stuff!

There is so not enough coffee in the world for me right now! Seriously there isnt!
I mean I love my coffee, more so my skinny milk lattes, but normally I have them randomly..hmm well not of late! I cannot get in the car and go do some errards without calling in to Starbucks, McDonalds a cafe anywhere that basically has coffee to go! Maybe I'm trying to catch up for all the coffee I missed while I was pregnant LOL who knows? but it's hella nice to be drinking it again!!!
Witching hour...Oh my..I forgot that most babies have a witching hour..well my darling little honey has his between 10pm and 12am arrrrrrrghhhhhhh... then he sleeps fantastic till about 6 when he wakes for another feed and my day begins. Except for the other day when he woke at 4am then didn't settle till 6.30am and my alarm went off at 6.45am. Yup that was a great day! which brings the cycle back to coffee!! An IV drip of it that day still wouldn't have been enough!
I still can't divulge my secret yet...I'm really hoping it all turns out positive and I can finally share it! Keep the positive thoughts coming!
Another exciting bit though, is my Sis and her family are moving home, they have found a cute little house here and are only about a 10 minute drive from me.
I get to see my gorgeous nephews everyday if I want to!! Yippeeeeeee
2 more weeks and I get my 6 week checkup then its back to the gym baby!! Get rid of this extra weight..Total weight gain during the pregnancy was...wait for it...26 kilos..yep you did read right..a whole friggen 26 kilos..I've lost at 17 of that which is great just need to lose another 999 kilos and it's all be good! hahaha nah just enough for me to be healthy. It's really important that I keep an eye on my weight and eating habits now, as I am more prone to develop diabetes since I had it while I was pregnant. So back to the gym I go~I get to beat the shit out of the boxing bob..yeah I named him..disturbs me that he has no face though! LMAO. I really do enjoy the gym though, it only takes about 20 minutes with the circut that I do so not much out of my day at all.
Well I've waffled on enough!
I'm off to get some sleep!


*Space Cadet* said...

Isn't coffee just fantastic? Love the stuff! And the gym. I need to get my butt back in as well. Maybe we should work on that together...

Nicole said...

I know what your talking about with that weight gain. I think I put on about 30kg and now 5 months later I still have 4kg to go. It's a never ending cycle.