what made you laugh today????
My son made me laugh...
"Yes wonder boy?"
"Do you know the pineapple song?"
"No darlin, you sing it to me"
"I got do do do push that pineapple under that tree.."
LMFAO...he has no rythm and is completely tone deaf (yes like his mother) but god he made me laugh...I'll have to get on to teaching him the right words one day! hehe
felt good to laugh, been a while since I really really laughed, and in 2 seconds he managed to achieve that..thanks darlin boy. I love you.

I finished my layout for Donna's blog challenge, the challenge was to paint your background and use a 5 x 7 photo..
I started off with white cardstock and lightly painted it with blue, then painted the rainbow and clouds plus painting the little chipboard arrow..
Not sure if you can read the stickers but one says :Life is like a rainbow, you need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear, and the other one says "Just be yourself and the world will be a much more colorful place"
Hope you like the layout Donna!


Ral said...

hey darlin,

LOVE that layout!!!:) you did an awesome job on it love!!
I love it when the kids can turn a crap day into a not so crap day- by being innocent!!

Love you.

Donna Hooper said...

I love's beautiful!

Ngaire said...

I remember that song! Now it is stuck in my head! You will have him singing it in no time at all!
I love the layout too!

Lis said...

Fantastic layout honey, love it!
So glad that you got a chance to laugh :)

melanie harris said...

That is a beautiful layout Tam. I love the quote used.

I had a giggle at the Pineapple song.