Rest & Relaxation

was exactly what I needed..I had a fabulous weekend with the girls! I so needed it
I managed to get half my christmas cards made while I was there, burnt a hole in the credit card in the scrapbooking shop and FINALLY got a decent photo of me and my girl..only been 3 years coming! hehehe
The weekend gave me perspective..gave me a chance to have a quiet think while I scrapped about my headspace of late...granted it's a very messed up headspace, but it's mine..I own it, so I'm gonna fix it. I refuse to wallow in sadness anymore, and yes I realise I am going to have my days, but generally Im not gonna take the crap anymore, I own my emotions,so I'm taking charge, I'm going to try and not let anyone upset me to much. I've had a huge huge huge talk to Scotty and I think I can do it.
I've worked through it once before so i know I can do it.
So welcome back happy me! ok lets not get carried away..mostly I'm back!
wanna see some photos I took down the beach?? sure you do!!

And this is my female version of Scotty..she truly is the best friend I have ever had..I am so incredibly lucky to have her, as far as I'm concerned this chick hung the moon..I love you darlin, and I dont say it often enough but I am so incredibly grateful to have been lucky enough to meet you and even luckier to be able to call you my friend..You and me darlin and me!

Righto chickas I'm outta here
will update again soon!


melanie harris said...

Beautiful photos Tam. Sounds like you are thinking positivily and you are a wonderful strong person so keep telling yourself that.

Here is a wonderful quote to remember:
"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.

by Eleanor Roosevelt"

Lis said...

Love the beach photos and WOW the one of you and your girl is gorgeous!!

Good for you babe, your beautiful and gorgeous and loved, always remember that :)

Ral said...

Great to have you back darlin!!! We did have a blast and a little break is just what I needed too- thanks for sharing that with me!!! Love you darlin....xoxo Ral

EquineSpirit said...

Great photos! Glad you had a great weekend! And ((HUGS!!))

*Southern Beall* said...

OMG! How do I LOVE this pic of you! So totally beauitful! I love you! And yes I am. =)