Ups, Downs and in betweens!

So I have the best up news!! We were approved for a home's been 8 years in the making, but we did it..we were approved!! YAY!
So now we get to build a house..our house..our home, bricks and morter that is all ours..(oh and the banks for the next gazillion years!!) but we are finally getting out of the renting cycle..which until late didn't bother me, but it complete irks me that I am paying so much money, which I could be putting towards my home!
so we have an appointment next week to sign some more papers and what not, we were given color charts and layouts and alllllll this paper to look through already!!
we have chosen our block which I am really excited about it, we will only have one neighbour, the other side is being turned in to park land with a playground and are for kids, how cool is that!! So thats the news!

The downside of all that, is I have had the worst week and the saddest week.
My sister and her husband (piece of shit, asshole, pig) have seperated, he has been beating her and has an amphetamine I knew things were bad and they were having problems but I never knew it to this extent, which breaks my heart..she is my baby sister..had I known I may have been able to protect her from this..maybe maybe not. But she is trying to be so strong right now, I am so proud of her for taking the stand and leaving him, she is so scared right now, and so worn down...
makes me sad and angry and a whole lotta other things that he has beaten her down to this, it has resorted to her thinking that this is all life has to offer her.
Which is bullshit..she has the most fabulous personality and is such a great woman to be around, well that was until she met him, but as the saying goes, you dont choose who you fall in love with, it just happens.
I never felt right about him from the start, he made my skin crawl, and on numerous occassions I mentioned my dislike for him, but it was starting to cause a rift between us, so I sucked it in and thought well if she loves him its not my place, and she is such a good actress, she pretended she was happy :( how can you be happy with someone who dislocates your jaw 2 days after your wedding day?? piece of scum, worthless piece of shit. so my vow to her is to always protect her and never let anyone hurt her like that again, not her and not my 2 beautiful nephews. We have a court date on Monday, she took out an AVO on him, this was her chance to get out and she has grabbed it with open arms and run with it.
The photo below is one I took the other morning, there is a bit of a story behind it.
When we were kids, my sister and I use to grab handfuls of these fairy flowers as we called them and sit on the trampoline hold the bunch in our hand and blow like crazy while making a wish..we thought it was the best thing to do!
So baby girl, first thing in the morning I see this and think of you..gain your strength from somewhere deep inside you darlin, know that I will always be walking beside you holding your hand and getting you through this. I love you honey.

Other news..I had heaps of fun taking some photos of buddha the other day to use for his first birthday invitations (sob.) This little man is such a ray of sunshine..I never thought it would be possible to love a child who isnt related to me at all, but this little man, melts me..he can make me feel so incredibly loved just by looking at me..I have had the ultimate pleasure of being so close to him and watching him grown in to this amazing little person who has the best personality..the world better look out because he is going to take it with open arms and flip it on its side and show you that life is so much better because he is a part of that!
Here is one of the pics we took..sooooo freakin cute!

Hot Stuff thanks for letting me be such a part of his first (almost!!) twelve months
considering he isn't actually my own flesh and blood I love him like he is my own..
Him and I have something special ( I would like to think anyway!!) that I am hoping and praying continues for the rest of our life...and despite what you think..he is so you..he has that amazing personality like his mama..and an ability to make anyone he comes in to contact with feel better, more important and more loved than they will ever feel in their baked him good darlin!!!

Ok I am off to pack..I'm heading away for a scrappin weekend with some girlfriends and of course..MY GIRL! lmao might have to rock it old school while we are there!!! hehehe
Have a good one!
Smooches and hugs


Renee said...

If you're thinking old school... I'm calling ahead and getting them to ban all alcohol!!! LMAO

Love you

Lis said...

Wooohoo Congrats on the new home!!

Ngaire said...

WOW Tam that is great news! Building a home from scratch is really hard work but in the end it is all worth it. I wish I had been a scrapbooker when we built ours! I cant wait to see how it progresses.
I am sorry to hear about your sister. Is this the sister who got married earlier on this year?

melanie harris said...

Thats fantastic news about the house, house building is stressful but so rewarding.

Im sorry to hear about your sister but Im also very thankful that she had the strength and confidence to realise that there is more to life than that and she is worth more then that.

EquineSpirit said...

Congratulations on your future house!! YAY! How wonderful!

Sounds like your little sister is quite the courageous woman! Good for her!! And ((HUGS!!)) to you all!

Donna Hooper said...

I love the pic of the cake....looks like a huge that means it must have been fun!!!

I used to love thos flowers nan used to go crazy at me for blowing them...she said I was spreading me...I was just making