Updates and a post of epic proportions!

Happy Birthday Honey!!!
Yep it's been a while since I posted, it's been busy busy busy here!
Firstly I'll update about my last post, thanks heaps for all your advice guys, I spoke to my sister and she has found an alternative arrangement for her boys. I felt so dreadful doing it, but it has worked out for the best, and she was fine about it. I just really need to look out for me and my family right now.
I'm doing a lot better since I went and spoke to the Dr, he has upped my medication and that seems to be helping a lot, also having the most amazing friends and husband who I use as my sounding board. I'm having more good days than bad right now which I'm stoked about, just hate that when I have a bad day it's a really bad day. Hopefully they will fade out very soon. (Ren, honey thanks for always checking in on me.)
Well my gorgeous hunk o spunk turned 30..yep little spring chicken hehehe, he had the most fabulous day, family and friends for dinner on his actual birthday and then we went out for dinner the next night with more friends. Was a fantabulous (yes it's a word, well in my world anyway!!!) night, so many different personalities but so many laughs had.
My little prince has started on farax and some pureed apples, which he thinks is superb, he is doing a lot better now. Had him back at the dr's the other day and he said that from the brochiolitis that his lungs are quite scarred and has since been diagnosed with asthma. So we had a course of steriods for 3 days and now he is on ventolin every 4 hours which he takes really well. And he rolled! well I think it was a fluke but he is having a red hot go at doing it again!
Wonder Boy and Diva are gearing up for the school holidays, they had a party last week with the theme being pirates, they looked so cute! had a great time as well. I think dressing up is so important for developing kids imaginations, opens them up to a whole new world of playtime and games!

They have fairytale week at school this week and then on friday their last day the whole school dresses up as their favourite fairytale, Wonder Boy is going as puss in boots and Diva is going as little red riding hood, with a basket of decorated bikkies for her class, yes her idea, mama just has to make the bloody things!!!
9 days till we go camping!!!! I am sooooooooooo excited!! there is 9 adults going and 11 kids! eeek!! We are going to have such a great week, I can't wait, we all so need a holiday right now, just to recharge before the madness starts..did you know it's only about 14 weeks till Christmas??? Holy hell! I have sooooooo much to do..again! Just don't want to leave it till the last minute this time!
The paperwork for our block has been signed, November 27th is our settlement date and then hopefully the slab will be poured before christmas and then once they have their break,full steam ahead! We laybyed all the towels for the kids bathroom and our ensuite last week! was very exciting!
Other news is that sadly I think my mum and dad are going to separate :( which devastates he is not my biological dad but that's not important to me, he has been a dad in every sense of the word to me and it breaks my heart that they may not be able to work things out..actually devastates me.. what do I tell my kids? especially Diva who thinks that he is the best thing sinced sliced bread? this will shatter them both, they have a hard time understanding that sometimes just beccause you love someone it isn't enough to keep them together :( So at this stage I haven't said anything to them, Scott and I decided that it would be best left unsaid right now.
If you could all keep them in your thoughts and prayers that things work out I would really appreciate it.
Well I'm off, have to check on my roast beef..yummmm!
Hope ya like the photos!
Love Tam
PS Stac, woman I need to talk to you...I cant believe you are actually with child! hehehe


EquineSpirit said...

Happy 30th to your hubby! And love the photos! :D

*Southern Beall* said...

Happy birthday to the hunk!
Look at the lil prince! He is getting so big! What a beautiful family!! And yes, I am with child. I just told my parents this week. They really are not to thrilled. Blows big time.

*Southern Beall* said...

I miss you so much my heart hurts...

Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubby!

Great photo's Tam, family all look healthy and well:) Looking forward to seeing more of you on SSW:)

Hugs Angie

Anonymous said...

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