Bad Bad Blogger

I have been so neglectful of my blog! Sorry!!
Stac I haven't forgotten about you darlin, and I saw your pee stick!! hehe too funny, Congratulations my sweet girl, definately thinking pink for you!!! I downloaded AOL as well honey~!

Ok it's been freakin crazy busy around here lately and I'm really not sure why!!!
So I'm just going to point form what the hell has been happening since my last post and promise, actually pinky promise that I will do a better post soon...with pics even! LOL

* Kids had school holidays, the first week they absolutely did my head..didn't think they were going to see the end of the week!
* Second week of the hols we went camping with friends and family, all up, 6 adults camping, 9 kids, 3 Adults in a cabin and 2 kids..yup equals complete madness, especially at breakfast time!! but I can honestly say it was one of the best holidays I have had!!
* Kids went back to school and the madness of rushing morning and whiny afternoons started again LOL
* Harrison ended up with a cold, which is playing havoc with his asthma, then ended up with an Upper Respitory Tract infection, Ventolin is doing jack shit!
* Volunteered to help out at the kids school, working in the kitchen with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, really looking forward to getting in there and helping!
* Joined a new message board which I am girl Donna is going to be posting some kick ass monthly mojo challenges which I cannot wait to take part in!
* And I've started on my christmas crafts already!! woo hoo go me!!
* Bloody huge dramas with the block, need a sound engineer to come and report on the block, need to change the windows..more effin money..grrrrr
* My baby boy started swimming last week and completely luuuuurved it!! was sooooo tired afterwards but was really happy (will share pics soon!)
* My big boy passed his green certificate at swimming which is a really hard one to get! I am so so proud of him!!
* My hunk o spunk needs to go back in to hospital after christmas and repair a tear on the other side of his knee! This time I am making him have a week off to recover not one damn day!

Ok think that's about it!!
catch ya all soon!


*Southern Beall* said...

YAY!! So, when are you going to be on AOL? I miss you sooooo freakin much! Does sound like you are crazy busy though! I love you much! *smoochies*

EquineSpirit said...

Wow! Sounds like you've been quite busy!

Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

Hey Hon!

Boy you have had a busy time of late! Hope all goes well with DH after christmas and I hope everything gets on the mend again soon. Talk soon and take care until then:):)

Hugs Angie x o