Wicked Princesses!

Like the name? I love it! You NEED to check out this blog, check out these kits..seriously soooooo yummy! Go on head to Wicked Princesses right now!!
I want one of everything!!
Not a lot been happening here, I normally don't mind winter but right now it seems to be sapping me of all my energy, I have trouble getting out of bed in the morning and I feel so tired and sluggish all day..blah...bring on spring and our camping trip!
The Diva has her Jazz exam this friday, she is very excited about it, seems to have a ton more confidence than she did with her ballet exam which is comforting for us!
Also she is so rapt with what she is doing for her recital, Wizard of Oz and The boy from Oz should be gorgeous.
Wonder Boy is being well...wonder boy! LOL he is a typical 9 almost 10 year old boy..nothing seems to faze him, but when it does boy do you know about it!
He is doing well with his guitar lessons, seems to still enjoy it and has just signed up for keyboard lessons at school...these kids and their activities are going to send me broke!!
Lil Man..well he is just to cute for words..he melts me.

Short post much housework to pics either..sorry!
Chat soon
T xoxo


*Southern Beall* said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Love you girl & miss you too! Now that I have internet at the new place we need to set up a time to meet online. Email. *smoochies*

scrappy jen d said...

Thank you for all the interesting information!
Really enjoyed reading your blog!
Have a nice day,


*Southern Beall* said...

Just where the heck are you these days??