Bad Bad Blogger

I know I know I'm a bad blogger.....Stac Im here darlin I'm sorry!
Well whats been happening in my part of the world...hmmm..lots of DT stuff keeping me busy, will share all my projects next post.
Being a mum is busy busy at the moment, between dance lessons and school and swimming and guitar I am run off my feet. I do have another venture that is Keeping me busy...As of September I will now be business partners with Karen from Mystical Scrapbooks...I am so thrilled about this venture, it enables me to be even further involved with my passion. We are currently working on the September kits for Wicked Princesses If you havent checked out, please do..there seriously is a lot of scrappy yumminess going on over there! We are also having our 1st retreat with Mystical in 2 months..I cannot wait!! Dee and Sara are flying down and I cannot wait...I speak to these girls on a daily basis on here and have become quite close with them so to be able to meet them in person just thrills me to bits! I'm counting the days girls :)
On my creative note...what am I working on?? hmmm right now?? A otp book for fathers day, 2 DT layouts, some birthday cards, a costume...lets not go there..we all know of my fear of sewing...and my OTP challenge from Dee for Mystical...its a tray I'm altering, thats all I'll say for now :)
Oooh oooh I do have other news!! I cant believe I almost forgot!!
Scrapbooking Memories have picked up one of my layouts for publication!! Im going to have a layout in their say I was excited is an understatement...
Not sure which mag edition it is though.
Big toot for Lis too! She is getting published as well! congrats to you hun :)

On to other things....isn't shock value a funny thing...people want to know things..pluck up the courage to ask then stand there with their mouths agape when I answer. If you want to know something,.just ask...otherwise perhaps its best to just sit back and let your thoughts run away with you?? who might be right you might be wrong...Hot Stuff, Stac and you keep your thoughts to 3 know too much!! Especially you know everything there is to know~

Alright groovers..I'm off...just letting you know I'm all still alive!
Smooches and hugs to you all


Alice said...

YAY!!! So glad you are getting published Tam!!! Be sure to let us know which issue etc it will be in so I can have a squizzy!!!

Has my parcel arrived yet? Getting a tad worried about it... :)

Have a great week!

Stacia Howard said...

Yay!! So proud of you my sweet girl! You are so freakin talented & I am thrilled to hear the world will be able to see that! I love you so very dearly & value our friendship. You mean the world to me baby!

Rachy said...

Hey Tam!
Sooooooooo excited for you and all the good stuff you got going on... you so deserve it!
Check out my blog... theres a suprise for you!