Flat out...

at the moment...have a million to do things on my never ending bloody to do list!!
Ahhh the joys of it!
On another note...the september kits for Wicked Princesses are DONEEEEEEEEEEE
omg I am in love with what we have put in them for next month...such yumminess!!
So what's news??
Mine?? and Jesus no Rach I'm NOT pregnant...thats a bloody big HELL to the NO!
I've been nominated for a I love your blog...makes me feel all warm and squishy!

I'm meant to tag people but well I really love reading all the blogs I have linked so to ask me to pick a couple is like asking me to choose which one of my kids is my I pick you all! I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

So I'm right in to swaps these days...and have just joined a halloween one with my precious girl Stac...but thought hmm I should run one on here as well..this one is different from the others Ive been in and is completely inspired by my gorgeous girl Stac...can you tell I love her?? haha I've missed her a ton!

So here is how it is..
The theme is Black and Green
The dollar limit is $15
There must be at least ONE handmade can be a scrap item, embellishment etc but it must be black and green or black or just green
Everything else in the swap package must be the 2 can include things like green post it notes, cookie cutters, material etc...
So if you are interested in joining leave me a comment and we'll get the ball rolling!!

On another note...
I'm a little pissed...
I participated in a Cybercrop online for Mothers day...won some vouchers, proceeded to choose some goods...yep still freakin waiting for them...seriously Im not gonna need them by the time the shit gets here if it does at all...
Seriously peeps how hard is it to maintain customer service these days?? I didnt think it was to hard...and please dont give me the crap about Australia Post...yes I personally know its bad but 3-4 weeks bad??I dont live in bullamakanka.
Either front up and say sorry I haven't posted it yet, to which I'll be a little annoyed but whatever life gets in the way..but dont crap me and tell me you posted it.
Ok carry on with the usual scheduled programming, vent over...

Think about the swap chicks...ya know you want to! ;)


Wendy said...

thanks for the love...I am loving you too ...

MWAH honey bun

Lis said...

Count me in for the swap ya know i love em.

Alice said...

ohh i am glad the parcel got to ya Tam!!! :) Can't wait to see what u do with the goodies!

Alishia said...

I love reading your posts Tam So Eventful!!!