Swap, Sickness, Socialite

LMAO...weird title huh?? please bear with me on this post I am completely wiped...and I do mean lil man is sick, he has croup, teething, a cold and is just down right bloody miserable :( Diva was sick all last week and by the end of the week I had a severe case of cabin fever..
Monday saw her come home with a bit of a headache which is unusual for her, tuesday she came home in tears put herself to bed (this is not normal behaviour for a Diva who commands the attention of all those in her presence!)So hence a cold ensued, then friday came the tears the agony...and off to the Dr's with a bright red flaming ear infection :(
So being the ever dutiful mama I am, I promptly left her here with my mum and the boys and DH & I went to a farewell...believe me I so didnt want to leave her but had already committed to this farewell and well she was with my mum who I knew would look after her, and she did, Diva went to bed early and didnt stir all night.
Which brings me to the socialite part of the title LMAO...the place the farewell was at I was told a dive and was told to drink till it looked pretty haha and well true to form I did. While there I consumed a good portion of shit I dont even know, but I was fairly intoxicated and thought it completely hilarious when Travis from Big Brother 08 walked in...apparently I danced with him a littl..then this followed..please be warned this is not for children's eyes...I am well and truly intoxicated and had my drink on when this was taken LOL

Too funny really...and yes to everyone that will ask he really does talk like that.
Saturday rolls around i feel like ive gone a round with a truck in my head! Come home lil man is beyond excited to see us! awww so sweet, he slept average sat night very broken, wakes at 1am and he has the tell tale signs of croup, of to the hospital for him and he is now on a dose of steroids, but the poor lil darlin is teething so bad as well, he is just damn miserable...and to top it off has not slept and I mean really has not slept..he woke at 12.30 last night and he dozed in my arms in the recliner, slept for a hour spread out over today and as of I am yet to go to bed, yup i am wiped..good thoughts and sleep fairies greatly appreciated right now..

The Swap, as mentioned in my last post i want to get a swap going, so will leave sign up to Sept 7th, then we'll get it underway...

ok groovers my eyes are heavy and my arms are tired from one handed typing and holding my lil man
Talk Soon


Dee said...

Fabbo piccie!!! I hope your lil man is ok today, have been keeping you both in my thoughts!!!

Alishia said...

You Loook Very beautiful!!!!!!
Hope Your Kiddies are feeling alot better, and youve had some rest

Tanya said...

Fantastic photo Tam!!! I see Travis has that classic look of his LOL...thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

check this out.... Just a warning before your arse gets burnt as well

Anonymous said...

check this out.... Just a warning before your arse gets burnt as well

Anonymous said...

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