Back again!

Told ya it wouldnt be so long between posts!
Also told ya I would have posting guilt! The last post was hard and probably a bit vented..the thing that was hard was it's hard to admit family will behave that way..and it hurts..a lot.
But I have decided after much deliberation...I cannot control how they behave..that's their responsibility, their emotions to sort through, not mine. I guess a part of me is disappointed that they can treat Diva and me like that but that's my issue to deal with.
That being said about them though, while I stand by what I wrote about Diva last week, this Mama has had her eyes prised riiiiiiiight open.. god raising girls is hard..this parenting thing takes it's toll LOL. It's too long and too confusing and complicated to get in to on here..shit I'm still trying to get my head around it all, but I'm on it..I'm getting it sorted..girls really are an entity of their own aren't they..LOL
Hunk and I have had lots of huge talks this week, once I composed myself and stopped being a blubbering mess and he could understand me..we need to stop and take stock, we have been cruising along for a while and while things are good, we aren't really connected, does that make sense? So we are stripping it back to basics..we use to live like this, basic and simple, and in some cases naive..but it was good.. not that our life isn't good's great, he has a job that he loves, I'm building a business with what I love, we have fantastic friends, we live a good's crazy busy, it's chaotic. There isn't the time to stop and find the good, our organisation has gone completely..we run constantly, so we need to get better organised, we need to become a stronger family unit again, we need to show unity. Hunk and I both don't like confrontation, particulary when it's family, we have the belief that family is incredibly important, and for some bizarre reason you don't confront them, you don't stand up and say, No you won't be treating her/me/us like that anymore, no I won't be your doormat...etc. But this is what needs to be done..sounds so easy when I type it. Time will tell.
I wish I'd started a gratitude project at the start of the year..I've been toying with the idea for a while, but always thought it was a bit sappy, a bit soft, if you get what I mean? not that I begrudged anyone that did one, I think that truthful part is that I knew I couldn't commit to it..anyone know what the ettiquite is on these? the guidelines? the rules? maybe I can just start one today?

On another note..I miss crafting..I haven't done any for such a long time, and when I did it was rushed. Im going to try and find time for me once a week to create something, anything!

I also have a to do list...a list I want to achieve in the next 6 months...Perhaps if I post it here I might actually do it hehe..
* Make a quilt of love
* Make or even bloody start a quilt for my nephew..
* Continue on my weight loss journey..weight watchers seems to be the program for me!
* Make a sign for a gorgeous friend's babe's room...(I should have already done this)
* Make a little something for another gorgeous friends desk.
* Make each of the kids a mini album with snippets throughout the year..

I think that's all I'll post LOL these seem achievable..maybe!! What's on your to do list?
Ok time to head off and make some soup!
Chat soon!


Ness said...

Good Luck with your to do list! I have several laying about the place!
Hoping that everything gets sorted for you and things start getting easier... Have a safe and Happy Easter xox

Stacia Howard said...

Happy Easter!!

Boo said...

Well, you just get on with it and do what you have to do, don't you? And if that means pulling it all together after dealing with a bunch of crap, that's what you do.