Back again

Here I am again...
Life just seems to busy at the moment and I dont seem to ever have a spare minute to sit down and blog! I have 5 mins spare now and probably the same amount of energy!
see our house needs to be quarantined Im convinced! We all have the damn lurgy in some form or other..Ive spent 3 days in bed, sleeping, no word of a lie..sleeping like 12 hour stints! I never do that..ever..poor wonder boy has cold sores on his face, Diva has a cough to rival an 80 year old smoker when she gets going, Lil Man finds it terribly amusing to bring me the contents of his nose and proudly declare yuck and Hunk is on the start of yep we probably need to be quarantined!
Not a lot else happening, still working/wading through stuff with Diva, I cant quite see the end of it yet and Im barely hanging in there with it all but each day as it comes for now..
As for my to do list..well Ive sorted out some fabrics ready to make a quilt, just need to get a few more varieties and I can get started, I have a new printer that apparently prints amazing pics on fabric transfer paper so that will be handy for my quilt of love, Im thinking that I will make this for mum for Christmas..yes I said the dreaded word Christmas..but 90% of my gifts this year are going to be homemade so I want to get a start of it soon.
In other news..I scrapped!! I know, dont fall off your chair!! I'll post a pic another time dont really have the energy for it now LOL. I'm also ploughing my way through instructions to make a paper bag album, hopefully it turns out!
Found this song on another blog that I hop and's just sublime...I love it.

Chat soon
T xoxo

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Stacia Howard said...

Goodness woman! Hope y'all get to feeling better soon. Love and miss you. Hope you remember me as well, it's been ages.