It's been a while again..sorry about that!
Lots been happening here, again some of it not so sister hasn't been well which is causing me some huge worries..fingers crossed we get some answers soon as to whats causing it all...
Probably best to dot point this post haha
Wonder Boy-
* eased back in to school well, although we have a few concerns about his self confidence, seems to have hit an all time low at the moment so doing what we can to raise that. I also seem to think he is feeling a little pushed to the side with everything that is going on with his sister and her aspergers, particulary while we find our feet with it all.

* started back at dancing and is loving it now that the pressure has been removed from her about doing her exams for it. Ultimately she wants to be a contemporary dancer so will go down that path with her for now, until her fickle 9 year old mind changes!!

Lil Man-
* Not so much of the little anymore :( he is turning 3 in a couple of weeks, makes me so sad that its gone so quickly. He is busy and full on and can definately be a challenge some days but a very happy content little boy. Am enrolling him in 3 year old kinder next term ready for next year..well I say that, and I have the forms all filled out, just havent quite got there to do it it to busy or a huge case of denial Im yet to work out!

*Working working working..yup and working some more..he works so hard but can genuinely say he loves his job, rare these days!!

We renewed our wedding vows in February, 12 years of marriage and he still melts me, still gives me butterflies and i sit like and excited school girl waiting for him to come home!!

* I've been crafting a little, made us a picnic blanket, some notebook holders for my nephews for easter and some gorgeous little easter bunnies that I originally saw on Mel Goodsell's blog. None of which I've taken photos of as of yet! But I promise I will get to them! I have been doing some scrapping as well which I do have photos of!

Now I just need to do this years birthday and I should be up to date!! haha not!!
I've also been making lots of cards, but keep forgetting to take photos of them!
I'll leave you with a pic of hubby and i from our renewal that I adore, and I best go referee these fighting kids...*sigh* yeah gotta love school holidays...!!

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