Little bit of a catch up....

hmmm another big gap between blogging...
seems Im not so good at the blogging!! But let's have another crack at it shall we?
What's been happening in my world, well same old same old, kids are getting bigger, along with that comes more attitude :/ can't say that I'm loving that AT ALL! Hubby is still working flat out and life continues on...
My great nan passed away recently, she had an amazing wonderful full 97 years of life and while she is now in a better place for a little while I was reflecting and kicking myself for not spending more time with gorgeous Nan is a little lost now that she doesn't have the nursing home to go to every day and visit her mum, i'm trying to pop in to visit or call as often as I can. It really the old cliche, you don't realise what you miss out on with someone till they are gone...
A friend of mine for many years also lost her husband recently, it was so sudden and so quick.. :( Life is so fragile.

As for me, I'm going to the gym at least 4 times a week, making a lot of lifetstyle changes and a lot of personal changes.. I was put in a position recently that made me realise that no matter how good a friend is sometimes bad things happen in the friendship and it has you questioning the trust and the validity of the friends surrounding you. I didnt think at my age it was possible to feel that hurt from friends, you know the hurt that happens in high school and it leaves your head spinning and you don't think you'll ever be able to repair the fracture to the friendship? yeah that one... I honestly don't know if things will ever be the same but I'm just travelling along seeing how I go, keeping to myself a lot and making some changes to me...probably putting the wall up a little again too!

I've been creating a little, but more sewing than anything else, I've been surrounded by pregnant people lol so was nice to be able to sew up some bibs and blankets photos to share but hopefully some scrapping ones soon. :)
I'm off on a retreat with Wicked Princesses but it's soooooooo far away, it's not till May but will fab to go...I'm flying with Kazz which will be fabulous, be so nice to sit and chat with her! I can't wait to meet the rest of the girls too, be nice to put some faces to conversations!!

So there you have it, won't bore you with everything else, but I am hoping to update at least once a week, ok maybe once a fortnight! Might be time to do a bit of an overhaul of the blog too!
T xo

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Krissy Christie said...

OMG you blogged :O lol

Yay so excited you are coming to the retreat sweetie :D I cant wait to meet you :)*slaps* for whoever hurt your feelings lovey, they dont deserve to have you if they treat you badly {{hugs}}

Lotsa love
Krissy xx