bad neglectful blogger...

Forgive me readers (if there are any of you left)for I have sinned...its been far to long since I last blogged and life is screaming past me at a great rate of knots...
Life has been as always, mad chaotic, and slighting overwhelming at times!
I've returned to work and am now working 4 days a week just for a couple of hours each day doing accounts and a bit of data's good to be doing something other than housework and housework and mummy duties! don't get me wrong, I adore being a mummy and a housewife but there was a little part of me that felt like I was losing my identity, a sense of who I am, kwim?? so with a little bit of juggling and a very very very understanding boss (hehehe its my hunky hubby) we now fit in working hours in to my day!
My little hurricane has hit 3 year old kinder with full speed! He loves it, and it makes my heart swell, when they tell me he is most interested in the craft stuff and painting!!!!
Diva seems to be cruising along right now, no major aspie issues, still the same hurdles with social settings but for the most part she is holding her own right now!
My gorgeous Wonder boy, well turns out he has an Auditory Processing Disorder which now makes so much sense with his learning, I had a nagging feeling for a while that there was a bit of an issue with his short term memory/processing and then had it confirmed for after tears again..yes I cry...A LOT! I'm determined to make things seem a little easier for him before he enters the world of high school next year..we're very lucky we have a "team" of people who are so great at offering support and help as well as activities to help him.

Socially it doesn't feel like we've stopped since christmas! ha! how concieted does that sound lol, we are soooo the social butterflies NOT!
but we have had baby showers, birthdays, get togethers on lots lately!
We still have Diva's birthday to get through, then the magnificant arrival of my sisters bub!!! Yes I know what she's having but can't post on here!!!! Then our lil man's birthday and things should slow down a little!

We had an 80's night for a 30th birthday last night..such a fun fabulous night!!! I'll post some pics for you all to have a giggle much laughing, dancing and yes to much drinking, it was a tragic sight this morning when I woke to blue eyeshadoe smeared on my pillow and across my face and my crimped hair wild woman style!!!

Yes that is a dead animal aka a mullet wig on my husband!!!
Be sure and say hi if you stop by!
Tam xo

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donna said...

looking hot with the blue eye shadow honey pmsl!
I know what you mean about a busy life... sometimes you just have to go with the flow IYKWIM
love ya